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Online Studio

Enjoy access to our classes, live online mostly via Zoom, but sometimes a private YouTube link. After you purchase your pass or use your subscription, you’ll be emailed a private link to join the classes.

Madison Studio

Enjoy our classes in the welcoming, quiet comfort of our studio on the Northside of Madison. Our studio is intimate and candlelit to provide a relaxing ambience. Mats, blankets, and bolsters are available or you can bring your own.

Booking is Easy

Start today by booking your first class with us, using the schedule below.
Choose from a variety of In-Studio and Live Online classes, then select the pass that suits you best.
Classes for the Madison Studio have the “MADISON” prefix before the class title.
All others are held Online.

New Booking and On-Demand Platform
We now have a new platform through Momoyoga that
we are using for class registration and the On-Demand Library.

We have a new class registration and on-demand library platform with Momoyoga.
Once you click “Book Now”, “Passes & Memberships” or “On-Demand Library”
you will be taken directly to our page on the Momoyoga site.