Day 22: Overcoming Intuitive Hesitation | Intuitive Awakening Series

Day 22 of our “Intuitive Awakening” series addresses the common challenge of intuitive hesitation. Many of us have experienced moments when we sense our intuition nudging us in a certain direction, yet we hesitate to follow through due to doubt, fear, or rationalization.

Today’s meditation aims to build confidence in your intuitive impulses, encouraging you to trust and act upon them without delay. Short Reflection: Reflect on the experience of releasing your intuitive hesitations into the lake and the sensation of moving forward with trust in your intuition. How does overcoming these hesitations change your relationship with your intuitive guidance? Consider how embracing this trust can impact your decision-making process and your life’s path. This practice of overcoming intuitive hesitation is a powerful step toward living a more aligned and authentic life.

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Longer Reflection for Day 22: Overcoming Intuitive Hesitation

Today’s focus on overcoming intuitive hesitation is an invitation to explore the barriers that prevent us from fully embracing our inner guidance. Reflecting on this can enhance your understanding and confidence in your intuition. Here are some guiding questions to deepen your reflection, which you might explore through journaling or contemplation:

  1. Nature of Hesitation: Reflect on the specific hesitations or fears you visualized as stones. What are their origins? Are they based on past experiences, fear of the unknown, or external influences? Understanding the root of these hesitations can be the first step in overcoming them.
  2. Releasing Hesitations: Consider the act of releasing these hesitations into the lake. How did it feel to let them go, and what changed within you as you did? Reflect on the symbolic act of release and how it can be applied in real-life situations where intuition faces resistance.
  3. Trusting the Intuitive Flow: Visualizing yourself stepping into the lake represents a commitment to trust your intuition. How does this image of moving with the water’s guidance resonate with your experiences of following your intuition? Reflect on times when trusting your intuition led to positive outcomes, reinforcing the value of this trust.
  4. Impact of Overcoming Hesitation: Imagine the future impact on your life of consistently overcoming intuitive hesitation. How might your relationships, career, and personal growth be influenced by a stronger trust in your intuition? Consider the possibilities that open up when you act on your intuitive impulses with confidence.
  5. Strategies for Building Trust: Think about practical strategies or practices that could help you build trust in your intuition and overcome hesitation. This might include mindfulness practices to stay present with your intuitive feelings, journaling to track intuitive hits and their outcomes, or simply pausing to ask yourself what your intuition is saying in moments of decision.
  6. Commitment to Intuitive Action: Finally, reflect on your commitment to acting on your intuition despite hesitations. What steps can you take to reinforce this commitment? How can you remind yourself of the importance of trusting your intuition, even when it’s challenging?

Engaging with these reflections encourages a deeper understanding of the dynamics between intuition and hesitation. By actively working to trust and follow your intuition, you open yourself to a life guided by deep inner wisdom, characterized by authenticity and alignment with your true path.

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Deb Phelps

Deb Phelps

Deb Phelps is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Practitioner since 1980. She is also a Mindfulness Coach, Sound Energy Practitioner, and Yoga Specialist who uniquely assists her clients to overcome stress, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and other life situations so that they can once again live purposeful, joy-filled lives. Deb has overcome significant life challenges aided by a variety of mind-body-spirit practices. By diligently using these tools over many decades, she found a life of contentment and equanimity. Through extensive education and life experience, including living for one year in a spiritual community, she assists and inspires others to do the same. ~ Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, E-RYT500, LVCYT, YACEP

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