May 7th is World Labyrinth Day

May 7th is World Labyrinth Day

Today is World Labyrinth Day! Although I am not holding a Labyrinth Walk to coincide with the 1 pm intention to “Walk as One.” A Labyrinth is a wonderful tool for meditation, inner connection, and reflection. A labyrinth is an ancient practice as a type of a walking meditation. You can find more information on an online finger/handheld labyrinth walk hosted by Veriditas where I was trained as a Labyrinth Facilitator at veriditas.org I host sessions from time to time.

Walking a labyrinth is an ancient practice experienced for centuries by different cultures for different spiritual purposes. This meditative walk continues to have relevance in present-day lives as it offers a space to quiet the mind, reflect, and consider new life paths.

Unlike a maze where you may get lost, the labyrinth path is there to guide you and help you find your way. The labyrinth can be used for accessing inner wisdom, grief work, meditation and prayer, working through a challenge or making a decision.

The pictures below will show you variations of labyrinths. See the video below from a session that I did when I was first holding some online labyrinth classes.

Interested in this type of session? See how I can assist you with this ancient practice either in person or online.

Download a paper labyrinth.

My heart-shaped labyrinth I use with students.
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