March: New Classes On Schedule

March: New Classes On Schedule

March Classes: See What’s New or Changed on the Schedule!
All Times Central (Chicago Time)


8:30 AM – Applied Mindfulness: Calm Your Anxious Mind – In this month’s series, we will explore meditations that will help you to find calm, care for yourself, and ease your anxiety in any situation. Sharing and questions at the end of each session. 30-45 minutes. Includes reflection exercises for you to use at home.

12:00 PM – Mindfulness Monday – A weekly short meditation livestreamed to our Peaceful Wellness Sangha Facebook Group and YouTube Channel. 10-15 minutes.


8:30 AM – Awakening the Heart: This class is focused on mindfulness practices to cultivate more loving-kindness, compassion, equanimity, and joy in your life. Includes an inspiration before our meditation and sharing with participants after our practice. 30 minutes.

12:00 PM – Transformation Meditation Foundation Series: In this series that is rooted in yoga philosophy, you will learn simple and effective ways to calm your mind and emotions and experience a state of inner peacefulness and well-being. This method utilizes mantra meditation techniques. Similar to Mindfulness Meditation, it also includes the ability to become the observer of your mind and actions. With the combination of these techniques, one gains the ability to understand and experience the state of meditation directly. 45-60 minutes. 5-Weeks – $50. Sessions recorded for those enrolled.

6:30 PM – Basic Mindfulness: In this series, you will learn the basics of mindfulness to help build your resilience to stress. Build your concentration from distracting thoughts, deal with distractions and difficult emotions, rest with breath and body awareness, and incorporate kindness into you life. You will receive the tools so you can apply mindfulness to your daily life. 45 minutes. 8-Week Class $60. Sessions recorded for those enrolled.


Same as before with Insight (Vipassana) Meditation at 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM.
Meditation Bells at 12:00 PM alternating between Insight Timer and Facebook/YouTube


Same as before with Insight Meditation at 8:30 am CST and new time at 12:00 PM – Varied Guided Meditations (Mindfulness, Visualization, Guided Rest or Mantra). Monthly Sound Bath or Monthly Chant (will vary) at 7:00 PM


Same as previous to February with 8:30 AM Meditation Circle. alternating weeks for Mindful Book Group at 12:00 PM and Guided Rest Meditation at 5:00 PM CST.


Once a month – Workshop or Retreat


8:30 AM – Singing Bowls and Silent Meditation: We start with 15 minutes of Tibetan Singing Bowls to lead us into the silence for the balance of the meditation.- Monthly Sound Bath or Monthly Chant (will vary) at 5:00 PM (trading off with the monthly Thursday evening)

Also be sure to see Yoga Classes with Friends. I’m happy to support these yoga teachers in promoting their classes.

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