Real Happiness Week Two: Day Twelve: Eating Meditation


In this meditation today we are using all of our senses. In a mindfulness class, this eating meditation is typically practiced with one raisin. We explore touch, sight, hearing, smell, and finally taste, but with one small bite at a time. What students typically experience is that they didn’t know just how satisfying one raisin could be.

As I was eating my lunch today, I noticed the softness of the black beans and their lightly spiced taste, the semi-crispness and sweetness of the red bell peppers and onions, and the fluffiness of the rice. I could see the different colors and shapes. I experienced it with one bite at a time. I didn’t finish my lunch and I saved the rest for either dinner or tomorrow’s lunch. By slowing down and relishing in each moment, I felt at ease.

What do you notice when you slow down and savor each morsel of food with your senses? There is much we can realize not only with our food but with our entire world when we are at a pace of mindfulness.


Recommended reading for Week Two of the Challenge is pages 81 – 90 and pages 105 – 108 in the second edition of the book, “Real Happiness”.





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