Real Happiness Week Two: Day Nine: Sensation Meditation

Today, we are focused on sensations. I spoke to this a little in yesterday’s post as well as taught the meditation in my Monday Everyday Mindfulness class.

When do we really pay attention to the sensations around us? Do you really taste that delicious meal before you of that cup of tea? What about when you walk? Or when you shower, can you feel the hot water splash over you?

These moments seem to slip on by but when we are mindful to the sensations within our body we can learn to be present both with pleasant and unpleasant sensations. When we can be with the sensations without judgment, we can be truly mindful.

What we do here in this meditation is we acknowledge the physical sensations, exploring these, even if there is pain, and then labeling the sensation. So perhaps there is tingling, stretching or burning, maybe there is nothing at all. The key here is being aware without judging. What you will notice is that the sensations will shift and change. See page 96 for the instructions to this practice.

Let me know how this week goes for you and with each practice that I post. You can join me in my mindfulness classes or if you would you like personal meditation instruction, I am happy to assist you through these practices. Contact me.


Recommended reading for Week Two of the Challenge is pages 81 – 90 and pages 105 – 108 in the second edition of the book, “Real Happiness”.




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