Real Happiness Week Two: Day Eleven: Walking Meditation 2


Again today, we are working with the walking meditation. This time instead of focusing on the sensation in the body while we walk, we are now feeling the body as a whole. Sharon suggests that we “look at the world with quiet eyes.” Here there are no judgments, just observation.

Since it is rather cold here in Madison, Wisconsin today, I did this walking practice in my hallway and out to my open floor plan of living room/kitchen/dining room. I can make judgments as I walk through especially stepping over cats, “Why are they in my way?” or “I need to pick up the living room and get those dishes in the dishwasher.” With this I am drawn into everything but being in a receptive mode.

The intent is to just feel your body moving through space feeling the sensations without labeling. Slowing down at times to be present.

Let me know how this week goes for you and with each practice that I post. You can join me in my mindfulness classes or if you would you like personal meditation instruction, I am happy to assist you through these practices. Contact me.

Image above from my Peaceful Wellness office.


Recommended reading for Week Two of the Challenge is pages 81 – 90 and pages 105 – 108 in the second edition of the book, “Real Happiness”.

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