Don’t Believe in Everything You Think

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Don’t Believe in Everything You Think

Oh the thoughts I think! And where do they go? Down the Rabbit Hole! 

I know I have thoughts that appear whether it is I am unloved/unlovable, I am unappreciated, I am disconnected, I am limited in time and resources. These thoughts if I allow them can take me into stories of judgment and limiting beliefs. When I can bring awareness to the thoughts, recognize, accept and then release these burs on my mind, then I can breathe a sigh of relief. My inner peace is my work and mindfulness over the decades has helped me to achieve a life of equanimity. This doesn’t mean that they thoughts don’t arise anymore, it’s that I do not give them power and credence over me. A thought is just a thought, and they are like the clouds in the sky. I can allow them to pass on by in my awareness which is as the blue sky.  

I have had great success with self-coaching with a Transformational Mindfulness Coaching process I have been studying. We don’t think about the limiting beliefs and the continuous thoughts that plague us all throughout the day. I turn to the image I have posted with this blog post as this is a little wooden quote that I have had for many years and have shared in previous spiritual class settings.

Remember there are over 90,000 thoughts a day that we think! If we can be more present to our thoughts, our emotions, and our body, we can walk the world with equanimity, that is maintaining a calm, inner composure no matter what the circumstance is in our experience. If you are interested in taking advantage of this helpful tool, contact me and we can talk about what Mindfulness Coaching and Mindfulness Meditation, together, can do for you.

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