Listen to My Interview on OMM for ALL Podcast

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Listen to My Interview on OMM for ALL Podcast

Recently, I was interviewed by host, Melissa McConaghy for her OMM for ALL Podcast. We sat down for a nice chat on yoga, meditation and life. Be sure to take a listen below to my interview and be sure to check out her other inspiring guests too!

Peaceful Wellness with Deb

Deb is a Wisconsin based yogi that uses her peaceful powers for good! She is an accomplished yoga teacher offering aromatherapy, mediation and mindfulness, sound baths and sound energy healing, as well as  transformational coaching. She‘s a treat to chat with and a pleasure to know!

The Socials


FB: Peaceful Wellness: Mind, Body & Spirit

IG: @peacefulwellnesswithdeb

OMM for ALL Podcast

By Melissa McConaghy

Namaste! Hello! As a yogi you probably know that YOGA means to attach, join or yoke… but it can be hard to create a yogi centered community even when were not in the middle of a worldwide pandemic! If yoga is your passion or if integrating yoga into your passion is your interest join us every Tuesday as we connect with an everyday yogi about who they are and what their practice means to them.

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