New Business Name: Meditate Madison is Becoming Peaceful Wellness

As you know, I’ve been working on my Aromatherapy Certification, which I should have in 2 weeks. During this time of COVID-19, I have been in meditation a lot and consulting with my Spirit Guide. As I have mentioned to a few of you, the reality of reopening will be that I only offer private sessions. I believe it will be a long time before a group gathering together for an event in my office will be appropriate. To assist those financially, I will be instituting a sliding scale payment system so everyone who wants to work in one-on-one sessions can do so within their financial comfort level. That is very important to me from my non-profit and social service background.

With my self-reflection on all what I have to offer to the Madison and beyond community, I feel it is time for a name change. When I opened almost 2 1/2 years ago, Meditate Madison was a perfect name and was my sole intention, i.e. Meditation. Along with it came crystal singing bowls, then, yoga, energy & sound healing, spiritual studies, Mind-Body-Spirit Coaching, workshops, relaxation techniques, and now aromatherapy.

The new name is a term I used last year for our Friday morning group we had for several months, “Peaceful Wellness.”This name feels right to me and even more so after speaking with Spirit, my friends, and even the feeling I received after working with my aromatherapy case study clients and other clients.

You’ll start to see the changeover soon. The logo will be the same but I’ll be interchanging the words to Peaceful Wellness with the tagline, Nurturing the Mind, Body, & Spirit. The website will be mostly the same but with some changes.

With COVID-19 in our midst, I feel it’s the right time now. I was going to wait but my guidance in meditation today was to start slowly making the changes now.I hope you will like this new name of my business as much as I do. The website is still I will be adding the new domain to it soon.

I thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to serve you in a myriad of ways!

Deb Phelps

Deb Phelps

Deb Phelps is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, and Practitioner since 1980. She is also a Mindfulness Coach, Sound Energy Practitioner, and Yoga Specialist who uniquely assists her clients to overcome stress, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and other life situations so that they can once again live purposeful, joy-filled lives. Deb has overcome significant life challenges aided by a variety of mind-body-spirit practices. By diligently using these tools over many decades, she found a life of contentment and equanimity. Through extensive education and life experience, including living for one year in a spiritual community, she assists and inspires others to do the same. ~ Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, E-RYT500, LVCYT, YACEP

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