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Yoga for All Certified Instructor

Recently I received my certificate as a Yoga for All Certified Instructor – Yoga for all sizes, shapes, and abilities. This was in addition to my 200 hr. Teacher Training I took last summer.

Yoga for All means that we focus on body positivity and self-acceptance in my yoga classes.

In my final exam, I shared my 23-year yoga journey, which included childhood and adult trauma, fibromyalgia and mold illness, weight and body image issues, meditation and spiritual studies, and the acceptance and love of who I am. This was combined with a sequence I¬†developed with cues for a mixed abilities class. Variations for students included props such as a chair, wall, strap, blankets, bolsters, and a yoga mat. Anyone can do yoga, we just have to change our mind about what yoga is and not what the media portrays. One thought I love that they share in the training and I use for my studio is “Come as you are, Use what you have, and Do what you can.” Bring movement into your life today!

Now onward to my Yoga Therapy training! Namaste! ~ Deb

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