A Lovely Winter Solstice Celebration

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A Lovely Winter Solstice Celebration

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Winter Solstice Meditation last night. It was a de-Light to see so many and have you all relax on the floors of both the front and back offices! Thanks to Ping for taking this picture when we were all complete. Sorry folks no recordings from last night, but ask anyone who was there about how lovely and peaceful in the candlelight!

We began by chanting OM, I then shared a mindfulness meditation, Winter Solstice readings, a Tibetan Singing Bowl meditation, more thoughts to ponder on the Solstice, then ending with a long Crystal Singing Bowl meditation like never before. Finally, we blessed all beings with Loving-Kindness!

I am so happy to share my love of playing the singing bowls with you all. I have been training with the Sound Healing Academy and in January I will be offering private Sound Healing sessions.

May you all be blessed this Winter Solstice!

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