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Election Season Resources by Sharon Salzberg

Mindfulness Teacher Sharon Salzberg has some great resources on her website for election stress.

Voting as a Spiritual Practice

Our times are aggressive and confounding, making many uncertain of what to think and wary of getting involved. In the election of 2016 more people did not vote than voted for any of the candidates, and we’re all feeling the effects of that now. With the elections on Nov 6th we get another chance to have our say, and I would urge everyone eligible to grab it. Step out of the shadows, all of you who did not vote in 2016. Engaging with the world, acting from your values, is as much a spiritual practice as it is a civic duty. I’ve long thought of voting as a sacred act.  – Sharon Salzberg

Check out a brand new piece by Sharon in Thrive Global, exploring the act of voting as a spiritual practice. Read the article in full, by clicking right here.

  • Inspire others to get engaged!
  • Voting Resources
  • Free Guided Meditation
  • 10% Happier Podcast on “Election Stress”

Access Sharon’s Salzberg’s site here.

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